Staying Cosy This Winter

It’s proper cold at the moment. When I’m not enjoying the outdoors and running in the wind and hail, I’m totally game for being at home and getting cosy.  I don’t know what it’s like elsewhere, but on the south Cornish coast, it’s been blowing a hooley. This winter I’ve made more of an effort to cosy up at home and surround myself with winter comforts.

With that in mind, here’s how I achieve that wonderful winter glow at home.

Fireside love

While we can’t all have an open fire or log burner, the idea is to create a warm space where you can snuggle down with a book or a decent film, and while away the hours. I had a multi fuel burner installed last year and I’m not sure how I managed without it. I love it and sometimes light it just because I can. It really kicks out the heat and I like the ambience it creates. All I need now is a thick woollen rug and I’m done. Having a fire takes me back to my childhood and going to my Gran’s at the weekend in the winter, where we would warm up in front of the fire after a stroll on the coastpath or beach. There would be a bit a bit of competition for the best spot; the dog invariably won. It warms me up and keeps me cosy. It also makes me happy.




Now I know this is all about being cosy at home, but personally I enjoy the feeling of being outside when it’s a bit chilly and windy, then coming home and feeling the warmth on my skin. I know some of you would rather stay in, and quite frankly, I don’t blame you. I’m the sort of person who feels the need to do something before I sit down and chill. Does that sound a bit daft? I enjoy embracing the cold, fresh air. It makes me feel all zingy and fresh. Spending time outdoors means I’m surrounded by  nature, which I find totally relaxing. After braving the cold, coming home to the warmth and cosiness is simply bliss (and sometimes a relief!).


 Hot Choc

Mmmm, who doesn’t being nestled at home with a warm, milky hot chocolate in the winter? Or a milky coffee for that matter?

(Top tip: coffee made with hot coconut milk is a bit like a Bounty bar in a cup).

I guess it can be any warm drink, but I have a taste for hot milky numbers when it’s cold. It’s a bit of TLC in a cup, isn’t it? I’ve got into the habit of picking up a milky drink after a long run. Sipping it on the way home is one of my little pleasures. Sometimes, I’ll make another when I get in and drink it in the bath (I may eat crisps in the bath too, just don’t tell anyone!).



Glow not Glare

I kind of went off the whole candle thing for a while, I couldn’t see what the fuss was about.

Not any more.

I keep eyeing up expensive candles but usually opt for cheaper ones, or I stock up on little candle holders instead. My current fav is this pumpkin candle (below) from Anthropolgie. It’s pretty and the aroma is subtle; it smells like I’ve got a pumpkin pie in the oven. I’ve realised that tea lights, fairy lights and candles are my friends, and come the early evening, my house is all aglow. Soft lighting from lamps, with the fire on and candles scattered around is all I need. I feel all cocooned and comforted. There’s no place like home.

If you’d like one of these Anthropologie candles your luck is in, I have one to giveaway (yay!). Just head over to my Instagram and this little piece of Anthrpologie heaven could be yours! (Be quick though, it ends on Tuesday, 6pm.)




Fluffykins is my word for all things soft, and well, fluffy. The sensory connection is one of nurture and comfort. It’s lovely isn’t it? For me, it’s all about faux fur cushions and throws. They’re comfortable and wrapping yourself in a faux fur throw can feel like heaven. The good thing is if you find some you like, and you don’t need to spend a fortune, they last forever.



There’s a real market for loungewear now and let’s be clear, loungewear and pyjamas aren’t the same thing. But both are good. (I could happily spend ages in either). I’d like to say I spend my free time swanning around in The White Company’s latest cashmere luxe loungewear. The reality is, because I’m keeping it real, any loungewear I own is picked up while I’m zipping around Sainsbury’s or from good old Primarni.

Either way, loungewear can look and feel quite luxurious. I’d love to shell out on a stash of cashmere but will settle for soft fleecy lounge trousers, tops and socks. I could spend all day in mine and putting them on when I get in from work feels like the best thing ever. If I could, I’d probably go to work in them, but I think my boss would have something to say about that!  Anyway. that’s what weekends are for.


So there you have it. My little list how I’m staying cosy this winter. We all have our little routines, what are yours? Or do you like to be outdoors in all weathers, braving the cold?

Stay warm and cosy.

Pen x

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  • Great post Pen.
    There’s nothing nicer after a long run (or walk) to come home and jump into a hot bath with a drink and relax .
    Haven’t tried crisps in the bath yet though!
    Hope you have a great day,