Sit Back, Relax, and Detox

Rush, rush, rush, rush. Life’s busy. When am I meant think about what I need, let alone detox?

It’s always busy, isn’t it? Does anyone else feel like that?

Inbetween being a parent, working, exercising, household chores, and other stuff, there seems little time for anything else. I sometimes think I could meet myself coming back as I rarely pause for breath. Sometimes I wonder where the “me time” has gone. like having the time to sit down and read a book, or watch something on television. I’ve almost forgotten what that’s like.

Sit back, relax and detox food cleanse clean eating low sugar HFLC

Needless to say, even my eating can sometimes become a bit neglected. Don’t get me wrong, I usually eat well. I follow a Low Carb, High Fat lifestyle, and really like it. But sometimes I’m not so conscientious. Evening meals may not be planned or I’ve not had time to go to the supermarket. That’s when the picking and mindless eating starts. Not good.

And it doesn’t leave me feeling great either.

sit back relax and detox clean eating cleanse mindful food nourish glow
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We all need to detox our lives sometimes. Whether it’s turning off our phone and social media, decluttering, or rethinking what we eat. There’s nothing wrong with giving ourself permission to put the brakes on and think of ourselves. I find scheduling a detox or downtime helps. If it’s planned and in the diary, it’s more likely to happen. No excuses. Lets not forget nourishing ourselves from the inside is important. If we do, we radiate health and vitality; we are what we eat.

sit back relax and detox cleanse nourish glow food clean eating
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Detoxing can mean many things; we all have our own interpretation. For me, it’s about upping the vegetables and fruit. Avocados and nuts aplenty. Some lovely herbal teas or hot water and lemon. Ideally, a hammock, a Caribbean beach and some rays wouldn’t go amiss either, but Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Here’s to cooking up some bone broth and opening the bag of kale!

Eat well!


sit back relax and detox clean eating mindfulness balanced diet
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