Race Review: Sticker 5

Race Review: The Sticker 5

The Sticker 5 Road Race

I ran the Sticker 5 two years ago. It was at a time when I was finding my confidence running again after over a decade with an injury. I wasn’t going to review it this time around but then I thought, “why not?” I want my race reviews to be inclusive of all the races I complete, regardless of distance or terrain.

For a village race, the Sticker 5’s certainly a goer. OK, it’s not the most challenging course but it’s not the easiest either. It packs in 3 hills over the 5 mile distance. It would probably be classed as “undulating” in Cornwall, but possibly hilly for those running it from elsewhere.

Race Review: Sticker 5

The organisation of the race is pretty good. It’s part of the Cornish Grand Prix series and for some runners, it’s important to complete all in the series. I like that you can enter on the day (I did). In case you’re interested, being unaffiliated, it cost me £15. The race HQ is the local football club so there are good toilet facilities and a bag drop.

What’s The Course Like?

Race Review: The Sticker 5
Sticker 5 – It’s not a trail race!

The course starts with a gradual incline which flattens out before a nice downhill into the village of Sticker. You then hang a right and embark on the first hill which ends just before the first mile marker. I remember this hill. A friend warned me a few years ago not to start off too quickly going into the village and tire myself out before I got there. I was pleased with my efforts on this one. I’m not bad on hills, they are hard to avoid in Cornwall and despite not putting in all my effort, I overtook a few runners on my way up.

Miles 2 and 3, from what I remember were standard undulating. There were some lovely downhills, offering a reprieve for a moment or two. For me, running downhill isn’t as easy it looks. I never run at full steam as I lose my posture. Instead I try and hold my form, hips slightly pushed forward, making sure I’m running tall. It’s inevitable that I pick up the pace a bit though.

Race Review: The Sticker 5

Mile 4 did have a hill. I thought it would be awful but it wasn’t too bad. My memory was telling me it would be “the big one” but I have since realised I was thinking of another race altogether. Mile 4 was harder than 2 and 3. There is a hill on the approach to the finish, but it’s so satisfying when you get there. Even though I am training for races beyond 5 miles, and I classed this as a recovery run, I found it hard to keep the pace and momentum during this final mile. A man cajoled me into keeping my pace with him which was just what I needed. So thank you whoever you were.

Where’s The Cheer?

I don’t know what was going on with the Sticker 5 spectators. In the metres leading to the finish line, there was almost silence. I think people were waiting for friends and family to come in and were having a yap. I found this a bit disappointing. Surely one of the uplifting things in a race is the cheer of the crowd as you get closer to the line? Maybe they were fed up with cheering by the time I got there. Who knows.

All runners received a mug (thank you, a nice change from a tee). With this being a Cornish race, all runners a victory pasty was enjoyed by all.

Race Review: The Sticker 5

Race Results!

So, how did I do? First I want to contextualise. My finish time 2 years ago was 43.14. I was aiming for about 41 minutes, secretly hoping for a sub-40 (but I didn’t tell anyone).

Race Review: The Sticker 5

According to my Garmin, my splits were: 7.55, 7.08, 7.39, 8.19, 8.21 (my second mile is always my quickest on shorter distances).

Garmin finish time: 39.22.

Official race time: 39.30. The interval and threshold sessions are paying off!

Hello 5 mile PB! *chair dancing right now*

Have you had a good race recently or scored a PB? Or just had a really enjoyable race experience regardless of your finish time?

Happy Running,


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