How to Style Saltwater Sandals

It’s All About The Salties!

How to style Saltwater sandals leather sandals what to wear

How did I get through the summer without a pair of Saltwater sandals? I know Summer is on the way out (was it ever here?), but I am loving my Saltwaters. It seems others are too as I get comments about them all the time.

When it came to buying a pair of Saltwater sandals, there was the dilemma of which colour. There are so many to choose from, and lets face it, who wants just one pair? Well, one was all I could afford so I pipped for yellow. I wanted something a little different: I have plenty of safe options at home. Plus, yellow is bright and perfectly summery. It wasn’t an easy decision though. I really, really like the gold and rose gold option too. Maybe I’ll treat myself next year.

How to Style Saltwater Sandals What to Wear Summer shoes

The thing I love about Saltwater Sandals is they go with most things. I love them with shorts and a tee to amble around in as well as my denim mini. I also love them with a casual summer dresses.

Another total bonus is they’re super comfy. The lovely people at Saltwater give nice instructions inside the shoebox on what to do to help if they rub. Mine haven’t rubbed at all, so in my view, it doesn’t get any better.

How to Style Saltwater sandals What to Wear Summer Shoes Style

The only thing I can’t do, which you are meant to, is get them wet! It’s meant to mould them to your tootsies. I can’t, I just can’t (they fit perfectly anyway!).

Have you bought anything recently that you totally love and want to wear all the time? Do tell!

Have fun.



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