Getting To Grips With Blogging Photos

Hands up who feels completely self conscious when it comes to taking blogging photos? Having your photo taken on days out can be uncomfortable enough, let alone trying to create a look and dare I say it, pose. I find the whole process so cringeworthy that I try and put it off for as long as possible. Ironically, when it comes to running selfies I’m much more relaxed and really don’t care.

When it comes to blogging photos, I’ve been a bit spoilt. When I first started blogging the lovely and talented Katherine McMorran took some photos for me. They’re beautiful, professional and sharp. It was a good learning experience in terms of what works and what goes down on a photoshoot but when I take my own pictures, they obviously aren’t quite the same.

Photo by Katherine McMorran

But I’m telling myself that that’s ok. I’m a blogger who’s learning about photography. I have a camera and a tripod. Some people use their phones and capture beautiful shots.

Here are some of the things I’ve become aware of since taking my own blogging photos. It’s not as easy as you think.

Trying Not To Give A Stuff

I can’t begin to describe how self-conscious I feel taking blogging photos. To put it bluntly, I feel a bit of a dick. This seems to be the case whether I’m doing my own or someone else is taking them. A long time ago I read a blogpost on blogger photography, I wish I could remember who wrote it, but one tip was to pretend you’re a tourist. I often remind myself that no one actually knows me. Taking blogging photos involves some posing (cringe) so it isn’t as natural as snapping away at your family on the beach. I find I have to forget about the people walking by and try and get a shot or 2 while no one is looking.


Me and my sister (alifeandstyle) buddy up when we can. It’s fun and serves as a good opportunity to meet up. She’s secured some cracking shots but I’m still working on “what works” for me and developing my own photography style, whilst trying to be creative. More recently, my mum has come up trumps. She’s not worried about climbing on benches, or moving around in order to get a decent shot (work it baby!)

The result of my Mum climbing on said bench.


In order to limit the cringe factor, I’ve a tendency to opt for quiet or discrete locations. Living in Cornwall, there are many beautiful spots to choose from. Running on the coastpath helps as I clock some good locations that are literally off the beaten track. Finding somewhere quiet in Summer isn’t so easy. I tend to stick to beaches or small villages, or if time is super tight, my house. One Sunday morning me and my sister were in Truro by about 9am and did a load of shots on the quiet streets before brunch and shopping. We were clearly still hyped up from the cocktails from the night before!


Being somewhere quiet also helps when it comes to changing outfits too. I usually have to make do with public toilets or my car. Not my favourite bit.

What to Wear?

I have some blogposts focussing on clothes but I wouldn’t say it’s the main feature of my blog.¬†Even so, when it comes to blogging photos, there’s a need to keep the variety and photograph different outfits or looks. The bind here is that while I like treating myself to something, I’m unable to do massive splurges and showcase my latest on a frequent basis. This just isn’t me. I’ve resorted to keeping to what I wear day to day as this reflects who I am, and styling them differently. This keeps it real because unless you have loads of money or want to get yourself in debt, this is real life. While some of these photos are used in posts, most end up on my Instagram.


How Many Pictures?

I’ve come to understand that there’s no point in taking 30 shots of the same outfit. If I’m taking photos for a blogpost I only need half a dozen decent shots, maybe a few more for instagram. You can mix it up too, showing full length or close ups of details, although I find these shots particularly hard to achieve on my own but practice is key!

I’m amazed too how quickly I run out of photos. Do you find this? By the time I’ve put a few on Instagram and used them in a blogpost, it’s time to think about something different. This emphasises the need to plan ahead and schedule photo taking for future posts. I try to do this but sometimes the weather gets the better of me. I prefer to get lots of photos done in one go. It’s amazing how quickly time goes when taking photo; it really doesn’t take as long as I think it’s going to (a definite plus).


How do you go about taking blogging photos? Do you buddy up or crack on by yourself? Any tips or hints? What about outfits and the dilemma of finding something new?

Happy Blogging

Pen x

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  • My family all sigh when I start taking blog photos. Mine tend to be of engine bits or something unusual we are eating though and I definitely avoid having to be in them myself! I hadn’t thought about how bloggers get changed between photos and admire your efforts!

    • Hi Sarah – I try and rope mine in and take the photos although we all have different things we’re comfortable with. I just hope I don’t get arrested any time soon! x