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Free Resource – Create ebook.

At Penny’s Lane, I’m keen to share lots of resources, knowledge and experience with you. This includes running insights, the low down on little Kernow corners, or what I’ve learnt about blogging and Instagram. We all have moments where we’re not sure what to do next and need a bit more guidance.

That’s precisely what these resources are for.

My first free resource, Create a Brand, Create a Community (I’m going to call it Create for short) is designed to help you find your purpose and momentum for your creative business, brand or Instagram account.

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It’s full of questions and prompts to help you nail down those “behind the scenes” foundations we all need to drive things forward. Clarifying your purpose will mean you’ll to be clearer about what to post and write about. Your decisions will become more intuitive because you’ll know why you’re doing something and who you’re doing it for.

If you’d like a copy of Create to be dropped straight to your inbox, just fill in the form below. The free resource will be with you before you put the kettle on. By signing up you’ll receive all future freebies without having to fill in the form again.

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Aside from the free resources, by adding your details you’ll also receive my monthly email, The Great Cornish Outdoors. You can expect additional content relating to running news, Cornish adventures and events, and hints and tips to keep your creativity flowing.

I’m also keen to offer space on my monthly email to other Instagrammers and bloggers, regardless of your niche. If you’d like a slot to be able to tell others about what you do, and be part of a growing community, just get in touch.