Well hi there, I’m Penny.

Welcome to Penny’s Lane.

I’m a Cornish parent, clinical psychologist and running lover who has a pretty good life in Cornwall, UK.

Penny’s Lane started as a psychology blog called Jung, Foolish and Happy but it was clear quite early on that I wanted to spread my blogging wings beyond mental health.

Since it’s first outing, Penny’s Lane has changed quite a bit. Penny’s Lane has evolved and is about making the time to do the things we love. This could be taking the time for a run on the coastpath, ambling around a Cornish beach or village, or savouring a rare lazy morning in bed. You can find posts dedicated to running, life musings and experiences, and a bit of blogging and instagram chat. Lovely posts on Cornwall are here too because life on the coast is worth cheering about.

Fulfilment can be found in many things, simple or small. Let’s connect and share the joy of life’s little adventures.

If you would like to contact me, it would be lovely to hear from you. I’m at pbedford@hotmail.co.uk