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  • This is so lovely and helpful! I’d love to start an email list or a newsletter but it seems so daunting with where to even begin! I’ll have to check out Steph Taylor’s post like you recommended – thank you!

    Milenka x
    Blushing Lately

    • Hello Melinka, I’ve long admired your blog and instagram feed. You’re right, it does feel daunting but reading about it and making plans makes it seem more doable. Thank you x

  • Hi and thank you for this great read. I’ve been thinking about the best ways to build a community, both in person and online, around running and Instagram is certainly a key aspect of this. I’m interested particularly on the topic you bring up of finding people to build deeper relationships with and creating the interaction that is both more meaningful and likely more sought after by the IG algorithm and Brands. How do to manage your time/energy for this? I’m already finding a few great IG accounts to interact with but this takes more time than just perusing pages and exchanging likes and follows. As I want to focus on developing mine and others’ knowledge, motivation, abilities and successes I need to balance my community building with reading, training, writing, etc. Any ideas/tips you can share for growing your interactive community without sacrificing time for the other key activities?


    • Hi Jude, I think finding the time and energy is tough with everything else in life we have to do. When I post on IG I try and stick around for at least 30 minutes. I scroll through the hashtags I’ve used commenting and liking posts, following too. Comments are important when it comes to the IG algorithm too. I think it’s about working out a schedule that works for you. If it’s tough posting daily, work when you can and go with that. Growth can be slow and steady, and a little frustrating at times. Put stuff on IG stories too, with a relevant widely used hashtag. I find at times when it don’t have time to post an actual picture, keeping IG stories ticking over is a good alternative. Good luck with it!