I’m as much of a fan of ASOS as the next person. I order regularly but what I’m a bit obsessed with is their Wishlist function. Who isn’t? It’s a bit dangerous though isn’t it? I try not to order too regularly but the wishlist is hard to resist.

Top Row: ASOS Woven Oversized Scarf, ASOS Slinky T-Shirt Dress. Bottom Row: Daisy Street T-Shirt with Mesh Panel, Elise Ryan Skater Dress.

Wishlists for websites like ASOS are an excellent idea given the volume of items and brands they stock. It would be superfluous to think I would buy all the items on my Wishlist though. Instead I treat it like a mood board or a memory jogger. My wishlist contains ideas and inspiration with some ideas never making the cut. I look regularly at certain brands like Reiss, Whistles, Vero Moda and Weekday, yet enjoy stumbling upon other brands I’ve never heard of.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to be wearing over the forthcoming months as Spring approaches. For me this means more tees, possibly increasing my collection of (non-running) trainers, and having lighter clothes to wear. I don’t know about you, but I like Youtube ASOS hauls, having a good old nose into what other people are buying, and how they are putting looks together. I like doing haul videos but massive online orders and shopping sprees are few and far between. As an alternative, here is a sneaky peek into my ASOS wishlist.

Fluted Sleeves

This style is everywhere. You cannot go into any shop without seeing shirts and tops with oversized sleeves or cuffs. I think they look stunning although I have wondered how practical they are when it comes to doing the washing up.

fluted sleeve shirt

From Warehouse

This white one is my favourite so far. It’s a take on the classic white shirt so you can’t go wrong. I also like this one from Vero Mode too:

oversized sleeves

Statement Tees

I’m really getting into the idea of statement tees. I usually go for plain ones but I feel like a change from my usual classic white or grey (although given the Converse tee below, not too much of a change).

Statement tee

Converse Tee



ASOS T-Shirt with Star Badges

I like paneling on my tees too. Just a subtle bit of lace or detail around the neck. Sequins would be a new one for me, such as this one from Only.

Only tee ASOS


Pleated skirts – I absolutely love them. I think they are so classy and feminine. The last time I tried one on, about a year ago, I was so disappointed. I literally looked like a sack of spuds. I do think they suit a particular frame or shape. I’m quite curvy so the pleats to add to the curves. I may give them another bash though. I only tried one on so maybe there’s one out there for me somewhere. I like the midi length and the gentle colours that are around for Spring. This one is ASOS’ own.

ASOS midi pleated skirt



I recently purchased a pair of back hologram Nikes from ASOS and they’ve been glued to my feet. Lately I am looking at more and more trainers/pumps. I have a particular weakness for Converse shoes.


They saw me through my adolescence and a few decades later, I’ve come back to them. Aside from Converse, I have been looking at these from New Balance:

New Balance

I have a genuine fondness for New Balance. They were my first proper pair of running shoes and I still think they were the best ones I had. These ones are a gentle colour. I think they will go well with most of my wardrobe.

Comfy Sweaters

As someone who is always cold, I’m all about the layers. I recently bought a pink sweater from Gap and wondered why I didn’t embrace this look before (especially with ripped jeans). I like a cosy comfy sweater for chilly evenings to fling on with shorts, skirts or dresses. I’m sold more on those with a fluffy inside, I’m a sucker for comfort!

So far, these have made the short list from Only and Warehouse.

Only Stripe sweater ASOS
Warehouse pink sweater

And a bit like the tees, I find I’m drawn to statement sweaters too. While I like the prettiness of patterned tops, I am more likely to wear something like this from Whistles.


What to Buy?

I have over 40 items on my ASOS wishlist. This is just a glimpse of some items I’m lusting aftermost. The burning question is what to buy? Want to help me choose? Comment below if you do, or maybe you have other ideas.