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Suicide: 10 Warning Signs You Need To Know About & How To Help

I recently posted about self-harm. On the back of this, I’m taking things a step further and talking suicide. Suicide is an uncomfortable thing to sit with. We hold our own thoughts about it, such as seeing it as a

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Insecure Attachment: Anxious-Avoidant

This is my third post on attachment styles. The Secure and Insecure-Ambivalent Attachment style posts can be found HERE but if you are wanting to know more about the Insecure Anxious-Avoidant Attachment style, then this is the post for you. Before

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The beginning of the end

Endings are an inevitable part of clinical work. It is usual, particularly for time limited work, to initiate conversations about endings from the outset. This offers¬†clear boundaries and clarifies timescales. That doesn’t mean endings are always plain sailing and easy,

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