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It’s normal for our style to change. Fashions come, go, and come back again, but when I look back over the last decade, what I wear has changed markedly. Some things will always be in my wardrobe, like jeans and blazers but the styles, and colours I am drawn to, have moved on.

10 years ago you would have found me wearing uniform skirts and tops in bright colours usually from somewhere like The White Stuff. I had quite a vibrant wardrobe but now I’m more subdue. When shopping, I consider the multifuntionality of clothes before I buy them; I like to make sure it will go with other things I already own. I’ve been in the position before where, upon buying a skirt, I struggled to find a coordinating top and shoes (both colour and style). When I did eventually find something, and it took months, I wasn’t keen on what I ended up with. Basically, it was all a bit of a waste.

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Photo by Katherine McMorran

Unconsciously, I have been trying to accumulate a capsule wardrobe. Plenty of jeans, jackets, a white shirt, a grey sweater. I’m looking for key pieces that work well with each other, season after season, year after year. Over recent years, I’ve been drawn towards greys, navy, white and nude tones. I never tire of them. I am also in favour of the ice cream tones that are around at the moment, I guess one could argue baby pink is a close sibling to blush tones, so I’m not really stretching away from the neutrals that much.

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Photo by Katherine McMorran

I like having a plain, workable wardrobe. It sounds unremarkable but it’s adaptable and timeless. I can always add a statement item into the outfit if I want to. Some would find this boring but I don’t feel at home in bright red or green. I don’t think they suit me that much. I’ll make an exception for mustard though. I’m loving that, but it’s quite muted.

In a previous post I talked about wanting to step out of my comfort zone a bit. I want to try new things and not sign them off before I’ve entered the changing room. That’s still happening but not for everything I buy. It’s important to me to have a wardrobe that works. A wardrobe that coordinates and is adaptable. For that reason my leanings towards a neutral colour palette will probably remain.

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How do you work your wardrobe? Are you someone who relies on certain colours or styles, and builds a capsule, workable wardrobe? Or are you someone who just goes for it and doesn’t think too much about (I really admire this!)?

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