With autumn rapidly approaching, I find myself reluctant to let go of my summer wardrobe. There are some key pieces I have hardly worn. However, there are some fantastic shoes and boots out there that are gaining my attention and making me think about what I would like to be wearing as the nights draw in and the days become cooler. This autumn I am aiming to wear more skirts paired with chunky knits. I could do with a new coat too. While I ponder on this some more, here are my favourite footwear crushes easing me into autumn 2016.


Loafers are everywhere. I don’t always get on board with trends but I am loving this one. Loafers are versatile and will reliably go with most of my clothes. Even though I like a heel, I’m a comfort queen at heart and prefer flats when I’m going to be on my feet all day. There are so many loafers out there to choose from, I’m having problems deciding which ones to go for. Personally, I can’t quite get to grips with the tassel detail; it reminds me of the moccasin trend in the 80s, and lets face it, that’s best left behind. Instead I have been eyeing up these Nissa Bar Loafers from KG (left) and these mid heel lovelies from Office (right) – which come in silver or black. ASOS also have some very great animal print loafers (below). I do like a flash of animal print to perk up my outfits – I always get comments on my snakeskin shoes so it seems right to expand the collection.

My loafer crème de la creme


I could write a whole post on Gucci’s pink mid-heel loafers even though I don’t own them. I think I would have a heart attack if I ever bought them, induced by a mixture of anxiety at the cost and total excitement. I first spotted them on Lydia Elise Millen’s website/channel and have gradually become quite fixated with them despite not being my usual choice. I have found some purse-friendly dupes on ASOS by Park Lane (below) which are winging their way to me as I type. I am quite excited about trying them (and pretending I look as good as Lydia). 




When it comes to brogues, I feel like I am epically late to the party. Brogues were all the rage years ago, before I was a parent, so we are talking at least 6 years. I remember my manager having a pair and not really getting it (sorry Kath). I’ve since had a change of heart (who, me?) and have been wanting a pair for about 12 months. Seasalt were selling a fantastic mustard pair – they look amazing. I like mustard yellow a lot but I don’t think they are a good all rounder for me. They are on sale at the moment, so if you’re keen, you may be lucky and bag a bargain.  As an alternative, I have seen quite a few pairs from Truffle on ASOS (above), which come in black or burgundy. ASOS have some great own-brand loafers too. I particularly like the brown Mai (left) and Mayhem (right) brogues but am in a quandary about whether I should have brogues and loafers. Do I really need both?


Cute ankle boots


Last year I treated myself to a pair of black pixie/ankle boots from Fat Face and I wore them loads. Thankfully they are still going strong and turned out to be one of the most versatile items of footwear I’ve bought in a long time. I was tempted to get brown too, I’m a sucker for brown leather, but didn’t. I have since had serious words with myself and after stumbling upon a brown pair of boots (above) in the Fat Face sale, I am almost boot-ready for winter. I have yet to wear them but think they are a bargain given the cost (£30.00). I also think I look cute in them and my legs don’t look too shabby in them either.


All the Converse

What can I say? Converse are the be all and end all in fashion trainers as far as I am concerned. I only own one pair (white) but could happily have them in every colour. Naturally grey and navy are a must, but I also fancy going for something a bit brighter like green or orange. For years I stayed away from canvas pumps until I bought some Vans. I was pleased with them but they fell apart after a year. For some reason tired looking converse look great and I’m planning on adding to my collection. You can’t have too many, right?


Because they are beautiful


I am not someone who buys shoes just because they are beautiful, particularly if I don’t think I will get much wear out of them. I’m not frivolous. This couldn’t apply more to heels as they aren’t something I wear that often. Now that I have seen these boots though, I am having to rethink my position. They are gorgeous. That’s it. The quandary I’m in is that I really like them but don’t think I would wear them that much. Plus they’re grey. I’m not usually a fan of grey shoes (apart from converse of course). My dad used to wear grey shoes in the 80s for goodness sake which didn’t please my mum very much, but I think these are simply gorgeous. I literally cannot stop looking at them. I’ve actually watched the ASOS catwalk video about 8 times. The last time I was this taken with a pair of shoes, I eventually bought them. It was 11 years ago and I still have them today. They rarely go unnoticed. Maybe, we’ll see….

One last thought

When I buy shoes, I like to have a shoe box. Is anyone else miffed at the lack of shoe boxes being dished out these days? I don’t want to buy shoes off a hanger.

Grumble over.