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What is an Insecure Ambivalent Attachment?

In this second post on Insecure Attachment, I will focus on Ambivalent Attachment. I have already written about the similarities between these behaviours and ADHD. This post will look at how it develops and what a child needs to help them

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Good Foundations: What Helps Build a Secure Attachment?

This is the first of a series of posts on attachment styles, starting with secure attachment. Other posts will outline insecure attachment styles, how they develop, and what can be done to help. As a clinical psychologist I talk about

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The beginning of the end

Endings are an inevitable part of clinical work. It is usual, particularly for time limited work, to initiate conversations about endings from the outset. This offers clear boundaries and clarifies timescales. That doesn’t mean endings are always plain sailing and easy,

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