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Insecure Attachment: Anxious-Avoidant

This is my third post on attachment styles. The Secure and Insecure-Ambivalent Attachment style posts can be found HERE but if you are wanting to know more about the Insecure Anxious-Avoidant Attachment style, then this is the post for you. Before

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What is an Insecure Ambivalent Attachment?

In this second post on Insecure Attachment, I will focus on Ambivalent Attachment. I have already written about the similarities between these behaviours and ADHD. This post will look at how it develops and what a child needs to help them

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Good Foundations: What Helps Build a Secure Attachment?

This is the first of a series of posts on attachment styles, starting with secure attachment. Other posts will outline insecure attachment styles, how they develop, and what can be done to help. As a clinical psychologist I talk about

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