I see myself as the type of person who goes to a spa at least twice a year. I’m not sure what happened because in reality it’sabout once every other year. Thankfully last week, it was that time again. With Christmas looming I decided to treat me and my mum to a good pummel and relax. It was a great way to make sure we put our feet up and take stock without any interruptions, we aren’t good at stopping, All we had to think about was what we were going to have for lunch, and after that, what we were going to read (if we could keep our eyes open). We had planned our day in advance, choosing the Headland Hotel for the treatment days on offer and the food available for our day of pampering.

And relax at the headland hotel

Hotel and Spa reception

If you haven’t been to the Headland Hotel before, it’s an impressive, beautiful building standing proud on the north Cornish coast. Horrendous fog and mizzle prevented a photo to showcase it’s standing. On arrival we were greeted on the door  and entered the cosy, traditional hotel all ready for Christmas. In contrast, the spa is very modern, light and minimal. Despite the cloud and fog, we could appreciate the fantastic view of breaking waves and rugged coastline from the window, which in itself has a calming influence.

And relax at the Headland Hotel

Light and peaceful

Once in our swimwear we made use of the wonderful Cornish Sea Salt Steam Room. This was bearably hot with sensory pleasing pebble seating and footrest. A tropical rainstorm shower followed. Naturally I had to try the cold rain too which made me catch my breath as the needles landed. It was invigorating but I quickly jumped into the jacuzzi to warm up.

Treatment-wise I went for the one hour skin specific facial. Being me, I had given no thought to what type of facial I wanted and on a whim opted for a deep cleanse with a special request for an eye mask. I was wrapped up neck to toe, all cosy and warm while the Elemis products renewed my skin. It was heaven. I felt incredibly relaxed, and while I didn’t drop off, I could’ve done with another lie down once my therapist finished. My skin felt particularly tingly after the Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask and the treatment left my skin smooth and noticeably tighter.

From here, it was fingernail time. I rarely paint my fingernails despite owning quite a few polishes. I intentionally went for a colour I don’t have a home. I wanted a wintery neutral and went for OPI’s Taupe-less Beach, a gentle fawny, grey. The manicure was certainly a treat for my hands – I own a nail file but have never used it. The task is now to not smudge or chip the polish, and to make it last as long as possible.

When it came to lunch, the Headland were very accommodating of my dietary requirements. They were kind enough to call them allergies but it is in fact a lifestyle choice to not have any grains, refined sugar or dairy. I don’t like to be fussy so I opted for a gluten free turkey and bacon sandwich. It was huge! I was stuffed afterwards, forgetting that I ordered chocolate avocado cake for pudding. Needless to say, prosecco figured too.

And relax at the Headland Hotel

Relaxation room

After lunch, feeling completely chilled, fat and full, we retired to the Relaxation Room. This is a restful, serene space with loungers, fluffy blankets and cushions, drinks and nibbles. We drank endless tea (builders) and tucked into the reading material we brought with us. I couldn’t help listening to other people’s conversations though: the young couple discussing models in magazines and the girlfriends exchanging notes on how the discipline their children. I closed my eyes every now and then, sometimes you have to give into it all. And it did me the world of good.

Job done I’d say.