Penny Penny Bedford Clinical Psychologist Runner Paleo

Hi, I’m Penny and I live on a Lane.

Not really. I just feel under considerable pressure to make myself sound as interesting as possible.

Penny’s Lane is an ever growing blog offering a unique mix of lifestyle posts, running thoughts and moments, and posts on matters relating to clinical psychology. You see, I’m a clinical psychologist by day, with over 15 years experience, so it would be silly not to. I will generally focus on topics associated with children’s emotional health and wellbeing. So whether you’re a runner, a parent, or just want a sneaky peek into what I’m wearing, I hope you like what you see. Needless to say, all views expressed here are my own.

Aside from being a Cornish psychologist who likes all the good things in life. I am a parent to a cheeky, funny, and playful school aged child. Like all other parents I am learning as I go along (just don’t tell anyone). I like to have goals to fulfil and something to aim for (hello blog). I’m a tad quirky, a little scatty (really trying not to be) and honest.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the read.


Photo by Katherine McMorran