My love of paleo eating is no secret. (You can find my paleo tips here.) I continually want to discover more, find new recipes and websites, and embrace the lifestyle. I’ve spent hours checking out different websites and learning more. When it comes to paleo food and what to eat, there are a number of websites that I rely on. I thought I would share them with you, and why I like them so much.

Pete Evans – The Paleo Way
Pete Evans Paleo Websites Caveman diet grain free Gut health

Photo taken from The Paleo Way.

I consider Pete to be one of the leading experts when it comes to Paleo. He gets a lot of stick from the press but he knows his onions and has some fantastic recipes. I’ve made many of them and they are delicious, If you are new to paleo and use his recipes, it will probably involve writing a shopping list and buying off the internet (especially if you live in Cornwall). Once you have some standard paleo ingredients in your cupboard (such as apple cider vinegar and big bags of almond flour), you won’t look back. Most of it lasts ages. So far, I own 3 of his books and would happily purchase more. I can recommend his pulled pork, the paleo muesli, and my son really likes his chicken nuggets.

Pete Evans Paleo Websites Caveman Diet Grain Free Gut Health HFLC

In addition to all the recipes, his Facebook page is an excellent source of information. He does Q and A sessions (which I usually miss because of the time difference) and the odd live chat. People always ask the questions I want to know the answer to, so it’s a useful resource.

Paleo Gluten Free Eats

Paleo Websites Kaylie Paleo Gluten Free Eats Gut Health HFLC Grain Free

I love this site. The photography is stunning and if you plug into Kaylie’s Instagram or Insta stories, you’ll see she’s a picture of health. As the title suggests, Kaylie’s not strictly paleo. She sometimes uses oats and likes her protein powders but her recipes are marked as being paleo, whole30, gluten free, etc.

Paleo Websites Gluten Free Eats Grain Free Gut Health Fat HFLC

One of Kaylie’s delicious recipes.

She is also, in my opinion, the queen of smoothies (sweet and savoury). They all look fabulous, and the ones I’ve made taste good. These are usually added frequently to her Instastories so do check these out. Her bread recipes are delicious too, I’m currently making her bagels all the time.

Her page does have lots of desserts and sweet treats, and they all look fine! More recently she has been posting savoury dishes which I welcome. More please Kaylie!

Paleo Websites Gluten Free Eats Gut Health HFLC

She makes bread too!

Paleo Running Momma

What I love about this site is the wealth of accessible recipes. Even if you pick one category, (such as Lunch and Dinner) there’s loads to choose from. Each recipe is marked as vegan, paleo, Whole 30, etc., so you don’t have to faff about working out which ones to go for. So far, I can recommend her pizza bases (and believe you me, I have tried so many versions) and her pastry is good too.

Paleo Websites PaleoRunningMomma Git Health HFLC

Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark Sisson is behind this website. As a 64 year old former elite endurance athlete, he’s not only inspirational but a reliable source of knowledge for those of us who are up for running silly distances. Don’t let that put you off. This site is for everyone. Aside from the recipes, I’m keen on the blogging section and the real life accounts. Mark encourages people to take responsibility for their own health, and I’m all for that.

Paleo Websites Mark Sissons Diet HFLC LCHF Gut health

Mark Sissons – Mark’s Daily Apple

What I like about this website, aside from the recipes, are the blogposts. Mark blogs daily (hence the title) and there’s a bit of everything included. There are real life stories, some research based posts, as well as information on fitness.


The Paleo Mom

This is a super website run by Dr Sarah Ballantyne, a medical biophysicist. Her website is packed full of resources. Alongside some fab recipes, there’s loads of info on autoimmune functioning and nutrition. Naturally, the Paleo Mom references strong evidence based links in her posts. It’s quite scientific but I quite like that.

Paleo Websites AIP The Paleo Mom Gut Health HFLC

From The Paleo Mom

I enjoy reading about the benefits of Paleo, but what I like scouring for is recipes. There’s no shortage here either. While Paleo is meant increase our autoimmunity and help those with autoimmune related difficulties, there is a recipe section here especially for AIP.

Happy eating.