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The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Right Sports Bra

  Where would we be without a good sports bra? I’m surprised when I hear woman tell they don’t need one and have to ask why. I think having a good fitting sports bra is essential but I’m no expert.

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Leopard Print Coats To Fall In Love With

Coats. I’m becoming a bit obsessed with adding to my collection (not that I have loads). Unfortunately, the coat I bought last year is on it’s way out already, which is most disappointing. This has led to me thinking about

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5 Amazing Paleo Websites You Need To Know About

My love of paleo eating is no secret. (You can find my paleo tips here.) I continually want to discover more, find new recipes and websites, and embrace the lifestyle. I’ve spent hours checking out different websites and learning more. When it comes

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